Sample Marketing Business Plan paper on A business analytics plan

Write a business analytics plan for a firm or an industry you are familiar with, preferably the one you are working in or have worked in.
You must use concept and data analyzing methods and logic learned from class to complete this assignment. (I attached all power points)

Your plan should have the following components:
1. Overview of the industry
2. What are some opportunities or challenges the firm faces and how your business
analytics plan can address them?
3. What is the objective of the plan?
4. What data is required?
5. Where can you get the data? How realistic or cost-effective can this data be collected,
stored, and processed
6. Amount of data required, e.g., the number of observations required? What variables are needed?
7. How are you going to analyze the data? Methods employed?
8. What possible conclusions can be drawn from this business analytics plan?

There is no need to provide the actual data for analysis; however, you need to provide a clear description of how the data should look and what methods you will be using(MUST use the method attached in PowerPoint). A significant amount of marks is awarded to the demonstration of the feasibility of your data analytics plan.