Sample Management Case Study Assignment on Leading and Managing People

Leading and managing people (Case Study – 3000 words) You are required to engage with different theoretical perspectives and standpoints to focus on any two topics. Step 1: Choose an organisation and two of the topics below. Choose from: • leadership • groups and teams • organisational culture • recruitment and selection • reward management • diversity and ethics Step 2: Review and synthesise relevant theories and concepts to develop topic-related theoretical argument/analytical focus relevant to your chosen organisation. Step 3: Apply this theoretical argument/analytical focus to your chosen organisation to highlight topic-related organisational issues, and provide recommendations to address the issues identified. Guidance notes: The organisation you choose can be the one you work for or any other public, private or third-sector organisation which you are knowledgeable of. The following background information about your chosen organisation may be used to provide background information and highlight the topic-related issues for analysis: • size and structure • life cycle stage • strategy and performance • industry analysis and competitors • key organisational issues (related to the topics that you have chosen) faced by this organisation i.e. nature, underlying causes, outcomes or implications • published data about the organisation. Referencing: You are required to use the Harvard referencing system for citing books, articles, and other sources like websites. Word count is 3,000 words. The main text must be word-processed in Arial, font 12, double spacing, minimum 2cm margins all around. Core Book: Organizational behaviour King, Daniel,, Lawley, Scott,, Second edition., Oxford:, Oxford University Press,, 2016 The Leadership experience Daft, Richard L., 6th Ed., Cengage, Mason, OH: 2013