Sample History Assignment on Research paper American history

Your paper must be six pages, double-spaced with one-inch margins.

You will pick one of the following topics below and write an informative paper on the topic.

Mexican-American War is the Topic

You must have a minimum of 4 college-level resources cited in your paper and listed on your Works Cited page.

You can consult an encyclopedia but they must be in addition to the four resources.

You must cite the source of all particular information used in your paper (the Works Cited page is not sufficient). Citations must be used whether the material is quoted or paraphrased.

Use the MLA method for citing sources

Use a narrative form to explain the topic, paraphrasing your source material. Be very selective in using quotes. The breakdown for grading will be evenly divided between Content Grammar and Mechanics. Instructor Discretion will consist of no more than 10% of the paper grade.

Write in the past tense and active voice throughout the paper. Do not move back and forth from present to past tenses.