Sample Health Care Assignment on Price transparency – where is it done and is it working?

BUA 340 Healthcare Finance
Price transparency – where is it done and is it working?

Written Paper – 100 points

Create and develop a five (5) page-written paper on an issue in healthcare finance. Charts, graphs, etc may be included but the text must equal at least three (3) pages. The cover page does not count as a page. Please use the APA style in writing this paper. At least two outside references from books, websites, journals, etc must be used for this paper. All work must be cited appropriately. Each section below should be covered in the paper.

The paper should be double spaced with one-inch margins, left to right and bottom to top.

The size of the type should be 12 points and the submission needs to be compatible to WORD.

You may select a topic from ideas listed below, current events in the healthcare finance field, the textbook or a topic from your workplace. The paper should include the following points:

Description of a new or ongoing issue or challenge in or related to the field of healthcare finance (50 pts)
A presentation of ALL sides of the issue and descriptions of talking points on the issue. (15 pts)
Supporting and or dissenting views of others (ie experts, authors, consumers) , information available regarding the issue and history of the issue (if known) (15 pts)
The development and presentation of your opinions and thoughts on the issue and how you believe the issue could be resolved, and/or will be resolved. This section should also include the impact it has and will have on the healthcare industry, consumers, stakeholders, and others involved with this issue. (20 pts)