Sample English Argumentative essays Assignment Cellphones in classrooms

The essay should answer ONE of these questions: 1. Should cell phones be banned in the classroom Be 4 to 5 pages • Please submit a Microsoft Word document or PDF. • The essay should be three to four pages in length with an additional APA-style title and reference pages. The document should follow proper APA style formatting (Times New Roman, 12 font suggested) with 1-inch margins and double-spaced. • Include three (3) sources in your essay that are reliable and academic. o Make sure you have at least three (3) in-text citations where you have directly quoted, paraphrased or summarized material from the sources. You will need corresponding references for each of these sources that match the in-text citations. • You need an introduction and conclusion for this essay. Remember the introduction sets up the essay and ends with the thesis statement. The conclusion sums up the essay and restates the thesis in a different way. The introduction and conclusion should not be exact replicas of each other. And have a resource page