Sample English 101 Essay Assignment on the value of studying the Humanities

Much of the purpose of this class is to show students the value of studying the Humanities. Based on your review of this week\’s Required Learning Resources and your participation in this class over the last seven weeks, please do the following: Recall how you felt about taking this class during week one and make a short statement about your expectations at that time. Reflect on your experience of taking this class and explain if you feel differently now about studying the Humanities than during the first week. How have you changed over the last seven weeks, if at all? For instance, was there any particular piece of work we covered that shifted your perspective on something? Did anything covered in the class affect you personally? Was there anything you learned about humanity that was unexpected? Decide if this class has convinced you that studying the Humanities is relevant to your personal and/or academic growth, and explain why or why not. In your discussion, include one quote from this week\’s Required Learning Resources that either support your perspective or that you will refute. Make sure to provide in-text citations for both quotes in MLA format. Provide references for all sources in MLA format. Supplemental readings ANDERS, GEORGE. “Revenge of the Philosophy Majors. (Cover Story).†Forbes, vol. 196, no. 2, Aug. 2015, pp. 70–80. Library link: Reading #2 KING, W.JOSEPH. “A Creative Legacy: To Serve Generation Z and beyond, Liberal Arts Colleges Must Redouble Their Efforts to Build on Their Imaginative and Innovative Foundations.†Liberal Education, vol. 105, no. 1, Winter 2019, pp. 43–47.