Sample Education Term Paper on Down syndrome

Topic: Down syndrome

Research Paper:
The student must complete a six-page paper of original research. You do not have to include a cover page, as long as you have a heading. You need to include a bibliography (references cited) as the 7th page. APA style bibliography. Each paper must use at least five sources, including at least one book. You may use:
The Press (newspapers, magazines, and journals)
The Internet
Each student will receive a handout on how to format the cover and the bibliography. It is very important that you use the designated format.

This is a ‘teaching social studies class’ so all papers much include content about teaching social studies.

The best way to learn a subject is to teach. Students in this class are required to do presentations. Presentations should last at least ten minutes and contain a minimum of 15 slides, preferably 20. They should be visual as well as auditory, taking advantage of modern software such as PowerPoint.