Sample Education Research Paper Assignment on (Latino and Latina ethnic identity in college students)

For your research paper in Module 6, you are required to link your research to three of the ACPA/NASPA competencies. Here’s a hyperlink to those competencies:

• the topic should reflect the topical areas covered in this course, related to college student development. Your textbook is a good source for ideas, as it provides many concepts from a variety of perspectives.

Patton, L. D., Renn, K. A., Guido, F. M., & Quaye, S. J. (2016). Student Development in College: Theory, Research, and Practice (Third). Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Brand.

• pick a topic that is of interest to you personally or related to your current position or a position to which you aspire.
• use this opportunity to learn about your topic at a deeper level than explored in classwork.
• you may want to focus on a particular issue (i.e., the impact of socioeconomics on student retention and graduation), a particular group of students (i.e., the unique needs of veteran students), or a construct (i.e., the relationship of religious affiliation and campus life/engagement).

You will write a research paper on a selected topic of interest regarding Theories of College Student Development. As a class, we will explore several topics of interest. Please choose from the list of topics to develop your research project. The research paper should be no more than TEN typed pages, double-spaced, in 12-point font, Times New Roman, following APA guidelines and procedures.

The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on what you have learned over the course of the semester, to integrate ideas and concepts from various approaches, and to apply theory to practical problems in higher education.

1. Please identify and articulate the broader-scale problem in practice associated with your research question.
2. Identify at least three (3) theoretical concepts/ideas that we have studied this semester.
Briefly define each concept and how it is applicable to your research topic.
3. Elaborate on how you would use each concept to guide your work in higher education.
Theory to Practice Research Paper
• Overview of topic
• Thesis statement/Research Question
Theory Analysis
• Theory overview 1
• Theory overview 2
• Theory overview 3
Theory to Practice
• Body of theory paper
• Analysis of Research articles
• How does the above theories relate to your researched population?
• How does this inform best practices in higher education
ACPA/NASPA Competencies
• Choose at least two competencies to explain how you as an administrator understand this work/research/population
• Restate Research Question
• What’s missing from the research
• Were there any limitations
• Possible Implications for future research