Sample Education Personal reflection Assignment on Effective Teaching Strategies in Elementary Mathematics Education

**No more than 200 words ** ** Can be in point form***

You will write a single-spaced reflection using 12 pt font related to your personal thoughts about the readings for the following week.

Assessment Criteria for A-range Mark for Weekly Research Reflections

  • The student demonstrates deep insight and understanding regarding articles messages/findings
  • Student effectively explores different perspectives of the research and its impact on mathematics education.
  • The student avoids summarizing the articles and their findings.

Below you will find some suggestions of topics for your reflections. These are simply suggestions. You may decide to explore a different theme in your reflections that interests you, and that is perfectly fine!

  • Candidate makes connections between the research and their own personal learning and/or teaching practice.
  • The candidate is able to make insightful connections between research articles.
  • Candidate elaborates on how articles relate to current issues in their own school experiences/practicums
  • The candidate explores key learning from articles.
  • Candidate explores how the articles challenge their thinking.
  • Candidate identifies what the articles confirmed about their own beliefs.
  • Candidate explores questions that they have based on issues raised in articles.