Sample Economics Term paper Firm analysis and pricing methods of Huawei Phones

I want firm analysis about Huawei company and its product which is phones, i want to examin the market structure of the firm and get information about competitors,suppliers, technology used in producing, i want to know the demand data,functions with formulas and the demand elasticity for the product based on its type of merket and show it in a graph, i want to know all types of costs like “variable cost, fixed cost, marginal cost, average total cost” of the product “phones”and show it in a graph, i want to know the competitves to my company and the product” phones” and their way to sell the product and how that will effect my company and their techniques of pricing, I want to know the pricing methods of Huawei company for the products”phones” and show it in the graph, i want to know what are the determinant of pricing the product” phones”, i want the macroeconomic side of the company and product” phones” , all the required data must be in a specific year let say 2021 and all must be talking about the specified product” Huawei phons”