Sample Economics Essay Assignment on Super Bowl Host City Econ 4380

Super Bowl Host City Econ 4380
Each team must submit a paper of less than 3 pages through Carmen. Grading will
be done according to the issues paper grading rubric on Carmen.
The playoffs are quickly approaching and the league still does not have a super bowl
site. The league has decided to open up bidding to all teams to host the super bowl.
Each team will submit a blind bid with the amount of capital they are willing to invest
in their city for upgrades to make the stadium and city super bowl ready. Whichever
team places the highest bid will get to host the superbowl. The winning team will pay
the bid amount and receive all of the revenue from the superbowl. Cities cannot bid
more revenue than their team currently has.
Revenue from the superbowl will be based on the following things:
1. Quality of the teams competing as measured by their combined winning percentage in the regular season. W Pt
2. The tier of the cities competing as assigned in the city selection assignment. Tt
3. The tier of the host city as assigned in the city selection assignment. Ht
4. The proximity of the host city to the nearest city competing in the superbowl,
using google map directions, or 500. M in{Dn, 500}
5. A bonus for being a top 25 tourist destination on US News and World Report
Best Places to visit in the USA T D = (0, 1)
6. A random component. e ∼ (0, 3)
The superbowl revenue will be calculated as: 5+2∗W Pt+Tt+Th−
M in{Dn,500}
100 +5∗T D+e