Sample Economics Discussion Essay Assignment on Strategy Composition Discussion SCENARIO You talk with Mike and Tiffany at lunch. “You’ve done some great research and brought up some good ideas to implement in the presentation,” you say. “There is one element that we are missing.” “One of the most important aspects of the strategy: our competitors,” Tiffany states. “I’ve already done some analysis, and there are many in the global market. It seems like there are several office furniture companies thriving, but not as many custom furniture manufacturers,” Mike elaborates. “Well, we need to provide the board with some solid competitors. I’ll work on finding our top two,” you say. Complete the following: What is the competitive advantage of your top 2 global competitors in the Canadian market? Provide a brief summary of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of each competitor. What strategies could you use to build a competitive market profile?