Sample Economics Assignment on Infographic Project Introduction

On this course: blue economy
I will have to do a project that has many parts.

I will post all parts here so you would know where the project will go at the end and take advantage.
The person who will write the first part will also do the other parts.

Each time I will post all instructions of all the parts and will name the part that you will have to do. Please always save the previous parts done by of the project so it’s easy to Continue the other parts.

For example under instruction title named “Topic Selection and Executive Summary” is the part you will be doing and the other titles like “Infographic Peer Feedback”, “Infographic”, and “Project Reflection” will individually be done by you at a later time.

The project name as a whole is named: Infographic Project Introduction

Your take is part 1, please consider reading the other parts so you can better shape this project.
you decide how many references impeach part actually needs, also do let me know if more pages, pictures or whatever is needed for me to add on the order is needed so I can add that too.
Please remember it’s the quality and research is what the professor is waiting for not the quantity.


Infographic Project Introduction
At first glance, this might seem like a simple project, but a good infographic requires a substantial amount of work. Infographics are often used to present a topic in an enjoyable and informative way to the viewer. To help develop your infographic project, it has been broken down into four sections.

Part1 : “Topic Selection and Executive Summary”

Your first step is to select and research your topic of choice. Topic selection can be anything related to the Blue Economy and technology. Each project must in some way incorporate elements of technology and the Blue Economy.

Some examples of potential topics are:

How technology will influence the Blue Economy in the future.
How has 3D printing impacted sectors in the Blue Economy?
The evolution of technology in the Fishery to reduce overfishing.
The executive summary is meant to inform the reader of your infographic’s major topics/points. The executive summary needs to demonstrate that you have researched your topic. This is an academic paper and should be supported by a variety of sources from peer-reviewed academic and professional journals.

Specifications of the Topic Selection and Executive Summary
A maximum length of 2000 words
Use APA for citations, references and formatting
Submitted in MS Word Format

Part2 “Infographic Peer Feedback”

You are to post your infographic with a brief description of your topic. Each student is then responsible for providing meaningful feedback to your peers.

You must provide feedback to 2 students
Keep for feedback for each student under 250 words
Providing constructive feedback to your peer’s infographics
For each student, you must provide 3 constructive and 3 positive elements of feedback
Needs to be posted in the discussion forum.

Part3 “Infographic”

This project aims to create a highly visual design that effectively communicates your topic to the reader. I have included infographics in each unit to give you some ideas, but this by no means is an exhaustive list. Feel free to be creative, and I encourage ingenuity.

You will submit your first infographic draft to the Infographic Peer Feedback Discussion Forum. You will be expected to incorporate some feedback elements into your final submission.

Here are some good examples of the different approaches to creating an infographic

Design Parameters for the Infographic.
Needs to be tabloid size (11 X 17 inches)
Needs to be submitted as a . PDF
References need to be in APA format

Part 4: “Project Reflection”

You must write a reflective journal entry on what you have learned or what you found interesting or particularly relevant in the development of your infographic. Discuss how and why you think it is relevant or interesting. If you do not think you have learned anything interesting or relevant, reflect on why you believe the material was not interesting or relevant to you.

Suggested areas for Reflection
Reflection on peer feedback and resulting changes
Ideas related to your work, profession, education, etc.
Interesting observations
Lines of reasoning
Thoughtful questions
Opinions (preferably with some justification and explanation)
What not to include
Ideas taken from the instructor, other students, or others, without any original modification by you.
A step-by-step account of building your infographic
Specifications of the Reflection
Writing a 2000-word reflection, excluding the title page, table of contents, and appendices. Remember it is the quality of your reflection NOT quantity.
Use APA for citations, references and formatting
Submitted in MS Word Format
You are expected to follow standard referencing protocols along with proper grammar, spelling, and clarity for your reflection. Resources are available to you to assist in ensuring that your case is well written. For more information on these resources visit the Writing Centre

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of the Marine Institute and University’s academic standards as they relate to academic offences and penalties associated with breaches of professional and academic standards. Dishonesty in any form will not be tolerated and will be addressed appropriately should they occur. When in doubt, ASK for guidance. Academic Misconduct