Sample Cultural and Ethnic Studies Paper on Final Talk Story (TM)

From this textbook, Globalization and Diversity (6th edition, 2020) by Les Rowntree, Marie Price, and others (Pearson, ISBN 978-0-134-89839-1). Complete 2 pages for each region chosen. chapter 4 on Latin America & chapter 5 of the Caribbean.

Each person in your small group must be ready to share the knowledge each of you has acquired or strengthened that is drawn from at least TWO of these World Regions/Topics, so that you can demonstrate knowledge on at least a couple of different World Regions/Topics. You choose which two Regions/Topics and can include information from any other of Regions, too, if you wish.
Latin America (Chapter 4)
Caribbean (Chapter 5)

The Assessment
I invite you to share what you have learned in our class, especially what is important to you, both broad ideas and details. I will ask a few questions related to your chosen regions, too. You may use notes, especially in outline form, but I will ask to see your notes before the Assessment starts. It is not OK to refer to Lectures, the Textbook, Activity Worksheets, Online Quizzes, or look up things online during our Assessment. I encourage you to rely on your memory (and an outline), since you are sharing what is most important to you. You may choose for each person in your group to share in turns. Or, you could structure this as a conversation among yourselves and me.