Sample Coursework Assignment on Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.)

In clinical practice, there are often special considerations of which a provider must be mindful when prescribing or administering medication. Consider the scenario below and complete the grid for each patient represented in the first column. You are the nurse practitioner caring for a patient presenting with erythema migrans. First-line therapy includes doxycycline 100 mg PO BID x 10-14 days. After completing the grid below, please list important patient education relevant to the administration of doxycycline. Evidence-based references (a minimum of three, not including your textbook) should be listed in APA format. Is the drug regimen listed above safe to prescribe to this patient? If not, what is a safe alternative? Describe why (or why not) the drug regimen listed in the scenario is (or is not) safe to prescribe to this particular patient. #1. A 25-year-old individual with no past medical history and no drug or food allergies #2. 32-year-old pregnant female with no drug or food allergies, no additional #3. 7-year-old individual, weighing 52.8 lbs, with no past medical history, food, or drug allergies #4. 65-year-old individual with ESRD, currently on HD 3x/week, who has no food or drug allergies #5. A 16-year-old individual with a documented allergy to tetracyclines For all patients, what education must you provide when prescribing or administering doxycycline?