Sample Business Studies Essay Assignment on MGT302 India

India: Competing in the global economy

India: Competing in the global economy (100 points)– Considering what we’ve learned thus far in MGT 302 along with the content from the presentation, Doing Business in India,  AND the global EDGE database ( (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)) devise answers to the following while providing substantiation to support your claims.

You must use the two resources provided in your papers.

  • List three factors that will positively affect India’s ability to compete in a global economy.
  • List three factors that will negatively affect Indias ability to compete in a global economy.

Important points:

  1. As long as your paper looks professional and uses proper grammar, this is sufficient.  
  2. I ask that you include your question in the paper. 
  3. I ask that you attribute to sources. such as according to Singh’s video…  If you do not know how to use this, then you can use in text citations.
  4. I ask that you use graphs if you find it beneficial.  This adds to the readability of your paper.
  5. I ask that you write stating a claim and following it with evidence.
  6. At least 6 paragraphs sharing claims which answer the questions that are well supported by evidence found in the required research sources.

You need to use the resources provided to support your opinions:

  1. global EDGE research,

  1. video I provided (Shivangi Singh’s Doing Business in India video)
  2. professor’s presentation lecture
  3. for the two questions (positive and negative factors), you are required to use at least two resources on each question.
  4. I attached the peer’s example, which is for another project, but the example is good and helpful for you to understand the requirement.