Sample Business Studies Case study Assignment Week 8- Case Study Final

Hello. This is a synopsis of all case studies you have done.

Pull all of your findings together in one, unified and concise report/analysis. Revisit areas of prior assignments in order to expand on undeveloped concepts and/or to incorporate feedback. Use the case studies provided in this week’s readings for ideas on how to effectively present the information. Infuse your report with your thoughts, experiences, and professional expertise. The final report should be revised as necessary to form a single, polished document and should reflect that you have incorporated and integrated the course concepts into your work as you share your insights with us and your fellow classmates. It may be helpful to imagine that this final report will be used to brief a board of directors or investment committee about your project. Include the following in your case study final report:

Executive Summary
-Your weekly analysis with each assignment representing a section. You should incorporate all feedback you received and expand upon your analysis as necessary.
-Include an emerging topic, such as resilience, big data, or net zero, as it might apply to your case study.
-Final thoughts, observations relative to building a business case for sustainable development and construction.

Your case study final report deliverable should be 10 to 15 pages incorporating all of the above elements.