Sample Business Studies Assignment on Week 7 Excel Update

Please check and adjust the following:

Inventory- the Inventory Expense must equal the Cost of Goods Sold for every month and product line, for the first two years. You must manually adjust the first two months, each year, for each product line, and then the rest of the months should auto-populate. See the video example below. Please click on the red triangle in the cell for additional information and adjust for assignment 3.
How to complete the inventory worksheet – with example

Staff budget- account for every staff member. Keep in mind you will need to develop an organizational hierarchy. As your business grows, increase the number of employees. You should have more employees and managers in the second year than in the first year.
How to complete the Staff Budgeting worksheet

Capital Investment – Specify the funds you had to start the business (equity or loans). Per the requirements, you must also input the funds you plan to raise from investors (required per the guidelines). The funds from investors can be from angel investors, venture capitalists etc. These are equity investments so you will note in your paper the percentage of your company you will be willing to give in exchange for these funds.
How to complete the Capital Investments worksheet

Cash Flow Statement- reflect the income tax payments (check the red triangle). The income tax payment must match the provisions for taxes on income on the income statement. Check the red triangle in the income tax payment cell on the cash-flow statement for instructions and view the video below for a demonstration.
How to complete the Cash Flow Statement Worksheet

Complete the worksheets per the instructions in the Guidelines documents.

Adjust as needed for your Assignment 3 submission. The information input in the financials must reflect the information input in the written section of your business plan (assignments 1-3).

You will continue to adjust this document as you develop your Assignment 3, and as needed until you submit the final version of the business plan.