Sample Business Studies Assignment on Using Evidence-Based Strategies to Address Challenges and Opportunities

I have attached a paper that needs revision with a template that is required. The Paper is missing the following: 1)Evaluate supportive and conflicting information from multiple diverse and strategic perspectives. 2)Apply insights and trends derived from data analysis to evidence-based decision making.3)Identify three evidence-based strategies that will address organizational challenges and opportunities in a dynamic environment. 4) Missing APA 7 formatting. 5) Use a Template

Complete the second portion of the Market Data Analysis section and the Evidence-Based Strategies section of your Course Project Template. Remember that you should be building on the same template you have been submitting for each assessment. Each section should be 1–2 pages in length. Address the points below.

Market Data Analysis
Evaluate supportive and conflicting information (data, insights, and best practices), integrating insights across disciplines from multiple diverse functional and strategic perspectives, both individually and holistically.
Use insights gained from the data to effectively understand the environment and make evidence-based decisions.
Focus on identifying trends and determining valuation in the market, including census, economic value, household composition, et cetera.
Evidence-Based Strategies
Apply the information gained through your analysis to examine the organization’s positions within the external environment and begin to develop a management plan that is focused on the external environment.
Identify at least three evidence-based, innovative strategies to address organizational challenges and opportunities in a dynamic environment