Sample Business Studies Admission essay Assignment on Recommendation letters

Hello Dear Writer,

At this time, I am preparing my Graduate school applications. I am applying to multiple schools and programs. My undergraduate major is Economics and the graduate program majors that I am applying to are all business related.

During my college years, I worked as an intern for four companies all over the world. My supervisors will help me send letters of recommendation to the schools to that I am applying to boost my applications.

Since all my supervisors are super busy, they allow me to write letters of recommendation for them, and they will use the letters that I write.

IN THIS ORDER, please help me write all FOUR letters of recommendation for my four previous internship experiences.

Before you start writing the letters, please read the following websites I found about recommendation letter writing:




#2  (really good)



There are tons of recommendation letter templates out there, you can also do some research and pick the best templates that you think it is good for my situation.

Please pay special attention to the followings matters:

  1. Since you do not really know me and my past experiences when you write the letters, you can “make up” stories for me, do not forget to give examples in the letters, and the example you give should highlight my advantages.
  2. I will upload the internship part to my resume. In the resume, you can read all descriptions and highlights of my all four internships that you need to know. PLEASE write the letters based on the resume. You can write something new in the letters but do not “Go too Far”.
  3. I will upload a “super basic” template for you, it is just a reference for you, I do not really like it since it is too basic. you can pick some good points in the template, but please do not just put information in the template.
  4. It is an order of FOUR letters, I will put a four single-space page order, please deliver me four letters separately. I want to get FOUR DIFFERENT LETTERS with different ideas in them. So please do not just put information in the same format or template.  PLEASE DO NOT give me four letters with the same writing styles and templates but just different contents.
  5. about the Length of the letter: