Human Resources Management (HRM) Report (any type)/Brief report Assignment brief report

The Operations Management function has the role of providing the required products or services in a way that satisfies the criteria imposed by the market. Efficient operation of this function is therefore important if the organization is to be successful. An understanding of the main operational tasks is an essential starting point in this process. The organization may not have an operations/production department defined in such terms, but it will still produce something for the use of somebody.
You should choose a company that you are familiar with, perhaps your own company or one that is in the public domain, and use that one company.
Apply this topic to their organization. Complete a brief report to your CEO. How does your chosen organization apply one of the three topics below to their process areas and why?

Lean Operations p 515
Continuous Improvement p 548
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) p 41-5
You should provide a link to your portfolio evidence in the report.

Submission should be 300 words in length (+/- 10%) along with evidence in your ePortfolio.

Please make sure that you correctly cite and reference all secondary sources you use, and include a reference list. The reference list will not be included in your final word count.