Health Care Essay Assignment on Discipline: occupational therapy

Needs Assessment – Use feedback gained on the needs assessment from DF 6-1 to strengthen/enhance this section of your project.
Choose a community agency or program of interest to you, that could serve as a host for a new community program, based on their needs. This may be an education or health setting but must serve a community need. Remember, you should focus on a need that would be appropriate for an OT to design and perhaps run. For example, a well-baby class at a local community center. Refer to example assignments on Blackboard for some ideas.

Determine the needs of the organization by utilizing sources as described in your readings, information from the organization’s (or similar organization/program) website, and by using other data-gathering tools to collect information. You may communicate or meet with the organization if you deem it important and one of you can do so but be sure to clearly explain that this is a course project and that you can share your paper with them at the end of the semester if they wish to receive it, BUT you will not be providing the program.

Your goal is to identify needs or gaps in services.
Identify the gaps in services-what is missing, how can this organization be stronger and serve its clients better, and provide a sound rationale;
Using your state OT Scope of Practice and/or the OTPF-4th edition, describe how this would be appropriate (rationale) for an OT with expertise in the focus area.

The needs assessment should include the following:
The community partner is chosen for the focus of the project (with a website link if available)
Description and background/context of the site (community-based, foster care, etc.) including purpose/role, current staffing, site, location, etc.
Demographics of the population served as well as the community the organization resides in (high-risk children, aging population, low-income families, race, religion, etc.)
Program Funding: Is this a for-profit or not-for-profit organization or charity?
Overview of current programs offered at the organization
The rationale for program supported by references
Paper should:
Demonstrate sophisticated ideas, thoroughness, and details (5 points)
Writing should be clear, concise, and follow APA format (5 points)

Program Design (40 points in the final project)
Provide your plan for designing/developing a program that meets the community needs to be identified.

Explain the details of the proposed program: (5 points for each area)
Explain the proposed program along with one major overarching goal and at least two objectives.
Identify frequency and duration (e.g. program will meet 1x week x 6 weeks).
Identify topic(s) for sessions and give examples as appropriate.
Identify the OT role according to pages 6-7 in your textbook, connecting to the OTPF-4th ed. and/or OT Scope of Practice.

Literature Review: Evidence supporting program (10 points)
Provide a short literature review related to the program, how do you know this is appropriate for site & population and will likely have the desired outcome/have sustainability, etc. (literature review not to exceed 1 written page).

Discipline: occupational therapy