Education Literature Analysis/Review Assignment on Contextualising Educational Change

Contextualizing Educational Change
Type: Essay
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 4
Weight: 40%
2000 words
Task Description:
Assessment Task One (Contextualising Educational Change)
Type: Literature Review Report
Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3
Weight: 40%
2000 words
Task Description: Contextualising Educational Change
This assignment encourages students to explore the contexts in which educational change occurs. It is designed to foster an in-depth inquiry into the circumstances which influence change processes. This will be done by contextualizing educational change through a critical literature review. Note that it is appropriate and highly encouraged to draw on material from outside the school/educational leadership domain for this paper. It is expected that you select at least five relevant sources for this task.
Use the following question to provide a focus for your essay:
How have global political and policy trends influenced educational change processes in your context (or in one that you are familiar with) in recent times?