Business Studies Discussion Essay Assignment on Comparing groups

Respond to the following short answer questions from Chapter 9 of the Morgan, Leech, Gloeckner, & Barrett textbook:

D7.9.1 (a) Under what conditions would you use a one-sample t test? (b) Provide another possible example of its use from the HSB data.

D7.9.2 In Output 9.2: (a) Are the variances equal or significantly different for the three dependent variables? (b) List the appropriate t, df, and p (significance level) for each t test as you would in an article. (c) Which t tests are statistically significant? (d) Write sentences interpreting the academic track difference between the means of grades in high school and also visualization. (e) Interpret the 95% confidence interval for these two variables. (f) Comment on the effect sizes.

D7.9.3 (a) Compare the results of Outputs 9.2 and 9.3. (b) When would you use the Mann–Whitney U test?

D7.9.4 In Output 9.4: (a) What does the paired samples correlation for mother’s and father’s education mean? (b) Interpret/explain the results for the t test. (c) Explain how the correlation and the t test differ in what information they provide. (d) Describe the results if the r was .90 and the t was zero. (e) What if r was zero and t was 5.0?

D7.9.5 (a) Compare the results of Output 9.4 with Output 9.5. (b) When would you use the Wilcoxon test?


The student will complete 8 short-answer discussions in this course and 1 long-answer Integrating Faith and Learning discussion. In the thread for each short-answer discussion, the student will post short answers to the prompted questions. The answers must demonstrate course-related knowledge and support their assertions with scholarly citations in the latest APA

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