Business Studies Coursework Assignment on North Africa Middle east

Assignment 2: North Africa/ Middle East Reading – Due12:00 PM Read: Iran Timeline: Since the 1979 Revolution (United States Institute for Peace, January 2021) Iran Protests, Explained (Penn Today (Penn State University), September 29, 2022)) I\’m a Member of Gen Z from Tehran. World, please be the voice of the people of Iran (Atlantic Council, September 28, 2022) Answer: Type up a 300- word response to the articles viewed above. Explain and be prepared to discuss the relationship between Iran and the West, the 1979 revolution and its impact on women in Iran and Iran\’s role in the Middle East, and possible outcomes to the current protest movement in the country. What do you think will happen with this movement, and why? Cite (in APA format) two articles or opinion pieces to support your claim.