Sample History Essay (any type) Assignment on HUMN 3981 A1

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Part A: Two Short Critical Reflections (30 marks) Write a short evaluation (150–250 words) of the two definitions of Latin America found in the two websites you researched in Module 1, Topic 1, Activity 1: “Looking for Definitions”. Copy and paste the definitions. After critiquing the definitions, evaluate the authenticity of the two websites. (15 marks)

(((Activity 1: Looking for Definitions

Read “History and Power” (pp. 13–20) in Green and Branford’s Faces of Latin America for a brief overview of the historical factors behind the diversity and complexity of the term “Latin America.”

Then, search online for definitions of Latin America. For one example, you might start with the Wikipedia entry on Latin America at Choose two definitions and analyze the factors sustaining those definitions. Are these definitions based on geography, history, and/or culture? What is included and what is left out of each definition? Be sure to consider the sources of your information in your evaluation.)))

Next, select one of the assigned readings from Module 1 and write a short critical reflection (about 150–250 words). You may find it helpful to use one or more of the focus questions included in the activity as a guide. The critical reflection should present your own thoughts and responses to the reading. Begin with a brief summary of the reading. Explain which key points and ideas you agree with and tell why. Explain which key points and ideas you disagree with and tell why. If you think the reading is dated, feel free to update it from your general knowledge or other research. Compare how the ideas discussed in the reading have relevance to Canada or other countries or regions. The critical reflection should be a polished piece of writing, and it will be assessed using the same criteria as any piece of writing (see below). It should include an introduction, a body that presents your thoughts clearly and logically, and a conclusion. (15 marks)

Some of the assigned readings I uploaded in the attachment, and some of them I listed below: 1. Bakewell, Peter. “Simón Bolívar ThinkSheets.” Colonial Latin America. Southern Methodist U, 17 July 1998. Web. 17 Dec. 2014. <>. 2. Central Intelligence Agency. The World Factbook, 06 Mar. 2014. Web. 17 Dec. 2014. <>

Part B: Essay (70 marks) Write an essay of 750–1000 words on one of the following topics. 1. Discuss the role of colonization, the Catholic Church, and urbanization in the process known as “acculturation” of the indigenous populations of Latin America. Compare with the First Nations in Canada

  1. How did European imperialism cause the extermination of large parts of the indigenous population in Latin America? How has the size of this population changed from colonization to the present time? Compare with the First Nations in Canada. 3. Discuss the images and representations of the indigenous people and the Europeans that you recognized in The Mission. Do you think the point of view of the Guaraní people is revealed in the movie? 4. Explain Bolívar’s main point of the “Reply of a South American to a Gentleman of this Island [Jamaica]” and why this document is so important in the formation of the modern nations. Was Bolívar naïve in thinking that England, a competing empire, would help his cause? 5. Discuss Galeano’s major ideas as outlined in the Introduction to Open Veins of Latin America by comparing the data he presented in 1970 with the present “emerging economy” status of many Latin American countries such as Brazil and Mexico.