Write a Policy Brief Based On “What rules on digital trade should be included in international trade”

You are required to write a policy brief on the POSTED TOPIC on the “TITLE section”. You should choose whom you are advising: it could be a government (not necessarily the Canadian government, you could be advising, for example, Brazil or China, or a particular set of governments, e.g., the least developed, or small island states). Or it could be an NGO, a private enterprise, or an international organization.

Your responsibility here is to provide various policy options (possibly a menu of alternatives) for the organization/government you are advising. While you will be advocating specific policies— and need to indicate why the recommended policies should be preferred, you should show awareness of the possible criticisms that might be made of them, and how these objections might be countered. The policy recommendations should be grounded in a concise presentation of the relevant academic literature.

The policy brief, which must be no more than 3,000 words, will be assessed on:
• The empirical and theoretical materials you provide in support of your arguments;
• The coherence of the arguments, their feasibility, and your understanding of possible
objections to them;
• Structure and style (absence of grammatical and spelling errors, etc.).

I upload a “policy brief” example and a “policy brief” guide, which do count into the reference. please read it and following the instruction.

I also upload 4 related readings, besides those reading, I need 4 more articles to support the Police Brief.