What is the historical context for the film(s) Are they related to a shared cultural moment

I attached my outline you must follow for the final.

Some aspects to consider in your papers:

• What is the historical context for the film(s)? Are they related to a shared cultural moment? Were they made during the same time and under similar industrial conditions? How were they received by film critics and audiences during the time of their release and how do they hold up in the present?

• Is there a thematic thread tying all of the titles together? What kind of questions does that theme pose about the content of films being regulated and by whom? Are the films examples of how systems of regulation work or not?

• What artistically stands out about the films? Consider the individual styles of certain filmmakers. How does a director, writer, producer, actor use dialogue, music, editing, camera, set, and costume design, in relation to working within the confines of a rating institution’s guidelines OR how do they use the cinematic pallet to subvert these regulations OR how do they disregard the rules altogether?

What kind of a research must you do to answer the questions key to your paper’s thesis statement? hesitate to ask.