Trend and Inequalities in child in breastfeeding practices in low- and middle-income countries

Task 1: Project Outline Instructions and Template

In close consultation with your Project Leader (and fellow students, if relevant), write a one-page outline that clearly defines the details of your Capstone Project. You will first submit this to your Project Leader via email for feedback and approval (by 23rd March), and then you will upload the approved outline in Canvas once your project leader has reviewed/approved it (by 6th April). This is to ensure you and your Project Leader are aligned on project scope, deliverables,s, and timeframes.

Submit to your Project Leader for feedback and approval by 23rd March 2020. Submit approved Project Outline via Canvas by 6th April 2020.

Project number and title

Research or Project Statement or Question

A one-sentence statement or question that succinctly indicates your project focus.

Introduction or Background

Approximately 1-2 short paragraphs summarising the public health issue, focus, and contribution of your project to the field.


This section briefly describes the primary methods that you will apply to develop your Major Deliverable, for example, systematic review, interviews, data analysis techniques, etc.

Description of deliverable

Indicate if your major deliverable is a research proposal, research/project protocol, systematic review, a report, ethics application etc.

Challenges (if applicable, optional)

Challenges you expect, and how you propose to overcome them.

Approved by (Project Leader please put name/signature and date approved below):

Timeline (optional, include meetings with your Project Leader)

The timeline is included because many students told us in past years that this was very helpful for envisaging the components of the task and organizing themselves. Your timeline may also change but these changes do not need to be negotiated with your Project Leader, as long as you keep your Project Leader informed of progress and submit your Major Deliverable on time.