The Role of Health Policies in Strengthening the Public Health System


The expected length of the full dissertation is 15,000 words of what is called body text, meaning the text of the dissertation not counting the abstract, list of references, and/or bibliography (there is actually a technical difference between these two things noted below). The body-text does not include the abstract, bibliographic entries, figure captions, tables, lists of abbreviations, appendices, or any declarations or acknowledgments. The figure of 15,000 is approximate, and students need not make exceptional accommodations to fit the dissertation precisely into 15,000 words. The guidelines state that a 10% leeway from the suggested figure will be acceptable. The University Guidelines state, “The word limit is designed to protect you from attempting over-ambitious projects, not to penalize initiative”, so the University denotes a fine line between prescription and recommendation. However, the —– University Academic Handbook is prescriptive, as follows: where the word count exceeds 10%, the full assignment will be marked following which the appropriate penalty will be applied


The submitted dissertation will include 5 components:

  • Preliminaries
  • The body of work
  • The evaluation
  • End material
  • Mandatory records


Title Page

See format shown (Appendix A).

The title should be succinct yet clearly specify the content of the dissertation. Twelve words is normally the maximum length. It should be agreed upon and finalized as part of the final draft. It may be different from the original proposed title, but this must be agreed with your supervisor.


100 – 500 words. See format is shown (Appendix B)

Acknowledgments (Optional)

The student may wish to thank those people who have been particularly helpful in the preparation of the dissertation.