The Role of Health Policies in Strengthening the Public Health System

Let me start by saying that I think this is an interesting topic area – and I am pleased to be working with you on your project.  This report has lots of information – please read it VERY carefully. 

Your pre-proposal is a useful starting point for the proposal itself.  You will obviously need to go through the pre-proposal again (DO NOT rewrite it) – to work out which parts are now to be included in the full proposal, and which elements are to be excluded at this stage.  The template for the full proposal is attached to this reportYou need to use the same headings please (do NOT add in any extra little headings) and carefully note the content of each section. 

Based on your pre-proposal I have the following feedback for you to consider and include in your first draft of the proposal proper:

In terms of the topic, you already seem to have a reasonably good idea of what this research will be about.  However –currently the work is potentially too “scatter-gun” for Masters’ level research, in terms of its objectives.  In a Masters’s dissertation, you need to concentrate on a SINGLE thing.  Concentrate on “The role healthcare policies play in strengthening the public health system” as the Research Question.  You then need to use the template on the following pages to help you focus the work and crystallize exactly what the research will entail.  You need a Single Research Question, a Single Aim &a Set of 3-5 Objectives to achieve the aim (see the example in the template below).  No “And” please.  Every time you add an “and” the program of research doubles in size.  And don’t add in anything outside the scope of the Research Question. 

In terms of methodology – you state“surveys” plural.  Does that mean two?  Please clarify. 


General points to note – please read below VERY CAREFULLY:

  • You MUST use Google Scholar and the university’s databases to find suitable up-to-date sources, i.e. journal articles. I am generally not interested in citations from books or websites – they are not academic enough. However, given the topic, I understand there may be a few websites and books used in your research.
  • Please use English spelling throughout the dissertation. For example, organiSation, not organization, favoUr, not favor.  Thank you.
  • Do NOT use “I” in a Masters’s dissertation. Refer to “the research” or “the researcher” instead, please. 
  • Use ONLY the headings supplied for the proposal (see below). Moreover, do NOT go beyond 2 levels of heading throughout the dissertation as a whole.  So, for example, 2.1, 3.4, etc. are okay, BUT not 3.5.2.  Using third-level headings will make your work look and read far too fragmented.
  • Please get into the habit of writing 2 paragraphs per page on average. More than this and your work will look too fragmented and “bitty”.   
  • Please always upload WORD files NOT pdf – thank you.
  • Please always upload WORD files NOT pdf – thank you.
  • DO NOT write beyond what I have asked you to do. If you do then you will almost certainly create unnecessary extra work for yourself {:>(( 
  • Please always include a bibliography of cited works with each upload. This should exactly match the citations used in the dissertation so far.
  • And finally, whenever you make an upload to the repository, please DO NOT make another upload until I have had the opportunity to read your work and give you feedback. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating extra, unnecessary work for yourself {:>(