The Rise of the Social Work Profession

Be specific! The box tells you what to specify in each section. If you have questions on certain sections, please ask me and I will respond promptly!

Part 1 for Milestone 1 consists of 3 sections. They are:

Section 1: Background Information
Capstone Site/Preliminary Information (Make revisions, comments are in the margin)
Description of the Program to be Evaluated (The program is ready for the state of NC)
Need for the Program Evaluation
Literature about a) Program Evaluation and b) the Program
Role at or Relationship with the Capstone Site

Section 2: Context for Proposed Evaluation
Program Goals
Purpose of the Evaluation Study
Evaluation Data
Stakeholders, Participants, Target Audience
Collaboration with Site
Site Permission
Alignment of your Proposed Evaluation Study with your Specialization
Scope and Significance of the Evaluation Study

Section 3: Communication and Scholarship
Reference List of Sources Cited
Writing Skills