The Pinnacle of Islamic Sacred Architecture: the Mosque

500-550word max, excluding title page and works cited page.
– must cite one appropriate image as a source that relates to the topic. Sources must be academic sources/published journals ONLY.
-The purpose of each 500-word expository essay is to discuss a topic in a logical and straightforward manner. Students are not expected to produce an original argument on a given topic/issue; rather, they are expected to explain the topic to their readers. Are expected to elaborate and explain the given topic in a clear and straightforward way by producing well-written prose that is based on academic sources.
-Each individual expository essay must be accompanied by one image that illustrates a point made in the expository essay. Finally, students are expected to use up to three academic sources in their expository essays (minimum 2), and one image (maximum 2).
– I will be providing a detailed instructions list that may contain other essay topics as well – please focus ONYL on the one topic assigned here. It must relate to the given time period (Ottoman Empire).

-Selection of Images for Individual Topics: Guidelines
Students are expected to choose one image to accompany their expository essays. Each image must contain an appropriate caption (title, author, year, and the online origin of the image). Most importantly, these images must be in the public domain. Students are advised to select their images from the Creative Commons databases.