The Outside Influences and Results of Eating Disorders

Requirements for PSY 310 Research Paper:

The topic needs to be presented to Dr. Provenzano for approval.  The paper can be about anything related to the material in the textbook.  The approval process is only to protect you so you don’t choose a topic that would be overly difficult.

The paper is to be written in either APA (preferable) or MLA style/format.  The format is important especially to protect yourself against plagiarism.  The biggest mistake I see students make is quoting primary sources improperly making it look like they copied the material.

The paper is to be 10 pages in length; that is 10 pages of text.  This does not include a title page or reference page(S).  The paper should be double spaced with 11 point font and 1-inch margins all around.

Composition (grammar, paragraph organization, etc) will be evaluated and reflected in your grade so you may want to run it by the instructor in the writing center

The content of the paper should provide me with more information than I can find in the text – in my words, it should go beyond the textbook.  In this regard, you are to have a minimum of 10 scientific journal references.   You should have at least 2 other references.  These last two can be newspaper or magazine articles, interviews with patients or professionals, and legitimate websites (these are usually sites ending in .org, .edu, or .gov; be very cautious about sites ending in .com).   Other Abnormal Psychology textbooks are not acceptable.  You can have as many references as you like but remember the upper limit of the paper (10 pages).

The content of the paper is truly up to you as is the topic.  Feel free to do an argumentative paper such as suggesting Bipolar Disorder in Children does/doesn’t exist.  Feel free to do an informational presentation such as theories of Major Depression.  What is not acceptable is a paper focusing solely on personal case study accounts.  I want theory, especially biopsychosocial theory to be evident in the paper.  The default mode is to pick a disorder and do a biopsychosocial analysis of the causes.