The Fact of Visual Learners: Cognitive Ability and Learning Preference in Drawing

Hi, I need help writing a reflection paper writing from scratch on the topic “The Fact of Visual Learners: Cognitive Ability and Learning Preference in Drawing”.

Using a series of drawings to create a narrative for a specific purpose – to record, to communicate, to engage, to influence – has been around for centuries. This essay (hopefully) looks into research that explains the link between cognitive, conceptualizing, and learning preference. The fact of visual learners: cognitive ability in drawing.

Most of us prefer to consume and express information visually, and what is actually happening when using drawing in a learning context. According to the study republished by Forbes, “91% of consumers now prefer visual and interactive content over traditional media.” People can follow instructions 323% better when visuals are used.  According to MIT researchers, the human brain is capable of processing an image in as little as 13 milliseconds. The blink of an eye takes about 300 milliseconds. Visual facilitation or storytelling is not just a buzzword. It’s an important task to understand the link between cognitive ability and learning preference, for understanding how our brain is so much better at dealing with images than text.
The target group for this essay is learners, students, and others who work within communication
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