The Effect of Globalization on UAE Educational Progress and Cultural Heritage.

Task: Choose one of the topics below for your pair-project:

  1. What, why, and how has the UAE commercially developed and progressed and become a leading example for the Middle East region. -Mention challenges facing today’s youth and the next generation.


  1. How has the educational system developed and transformed over the past 10 years? You can discuss changes in two Emirates, for example, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. -Mention challenges facing today’s youth and the next generation.


  1. How has the Emirati culture and heritage maintained its position within Emirati families regardless of the pressures of global commercial development and an international and advancing educational system? -Mention challenges facing today’s youth and the next generation.

The following information can be used to guide you:

The Effect of Globalization on UAE Educational Progress and Cultural Heritage.

The Gulf has in recently experienced an enormous growth of its commercial sectors. For example, the petrochemical industry has made many of the economic successes possible in order to sustain increased economic development. This can be seen across many sectors such as multinational corporations’ collaborations, first-rate telecommunications, infrastructure, and medical care resulting in an excellent quality of life for its residents and citizens.  All the commercial elements of globalization have moved into the Gulf, more than in any other region of the Middle East.

In terms of economic development, the UAE, has come a long way in such little time.  The financial sectors currently work with international markets, and take full advantage of a global market place.

Given that the rapid and continuous pressures of a global market place, what then are the effects of a culture that has had relatively little time to adjust and adapt to the educational requirements and cultural realities of globalization?

The Arabian Gulf is an area that has a longstanding traditional and cultural heritage, one that is among the most traditional in the region.  This long history has allowed Emiratis and other neighboring Arab countries to appreciate Emirati heritage in a manner that provides for economic and marketable opportunities while protecting their deeply personal and longstanding traditions and customs.

Given its recent and rapid development plus its traditional past, the UAE serves as an excellent example in which to examine how and why the powers of commercial development and progress have used their pressures on the cultural heritage of their people, and educational progress of the teaching system.

Task 1. Research information about one of the topics above and make notes.  Use the information provided above as a guide, plus consider notes from the discussion carried out in class.

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Lo, B. and L. Parham (2009). “Ethical Issues in Stem Cell Research.” Endocrine Reviews 30(3): 204-213.

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