The Competitive Advantage of Nations: Porter’s Diamond Model – Procter & Gamble

Assignment Brief

In his book ‘The Competitive Advantages of Nations’, Porter (1990) developed a diamond model to examine the reasons for the success of an industry in a specific region (country) in comparison to other regions (countries). 

The model can be used to explain why some companies that emerge from certain countries or regions are globally competitive.

The model is made up of several factors that together, make up the national environment in which companies are established and learn to compete globally. These factors can support organizations’ search for competitiveness. 

In this model, the regional (country) advantages can be assessed by four factors including:

  1. Firm Strategy and Rivalry
  2. Demand Conditions
  3. Related and Supporting Industries
  4. Factor Input Conditions.

The roles of the Government and Chance

Governments can help or hinder a country or region by providing a supportive business environment. 

The role chance plays in re-shaping industries is significantly evident as the global economy responds to the ongoing pandemic.

You are required to use Porter’s Diamond Model, critically discuss how the model can be used to explain organization’s global success ( Procter & Gamble).

Assignment Structure

Essay Style including the following headings:

  • Introduction (overview of the firm, its industry and purpose of your paper)
  • Firm strategy, structure, and rivalry # 1
  • Factor endowments # 2
  • Demand conditions # 3
  • Related and supporting industries
  • Conclusions





Marks will be awarded for illustrating a high level of critique and appropriate selection of concepts, models, etc.  Your work should be more than a simple presentation of the facts.  Marks are awarded for author’s interpretation, critique and judgements.



Marks will be awarded for use and application of models and associated concepts with evidence to support authors discussion



Marks will be awarded for critical writing skills, logical sequence of material and referencing



Marks will be awarded where engagement of peer reviewed literature and other sources



Marks will be awarded for comprehensively addressing the questions posed in the case study