TAX FRAUD Research Paper Assignment

TAX FRAUD Research Paper

A research paper is required for this course.

Papers are to be at least 5 pages no more than 8 pages, Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, typewritten in APA (6th ed.) format, and you must have at least five academic quality references outside your required textbook cited in the paper.

A structured examination for your paper assignment should be set up as follows:

  • Describe and analyze how the fraud was executed
  • Identify the parties that were involved (for example suspect(s), the victim(s), witness (es), anonymous tips, law enforcement personnel, etc.).
    • Give a description of the suspects/victims profile
  • Recognize the motives (or possible motives if not reported) of the suspect(s)
  • Identify a possible Fraud Triangle Theory
  • Identify internal controls that might have deterred or prevented the fraud from occurring
    • What could have been done to prevent the fraud
    • What could have been done to detect the fraud
  • Document how the fraud was investigated
  • Discuss the resolution (or possible resolution if the case is still pending)
  • Possible items that could be included in the appendices:
    • Copies of articles that discuss the fraud
    • Any financial statements
    • Charts, graphs, or tables that help to illustrate your research
    • Bullet points of a timeline that breaks down your research