Strategic Human Resources Management Assignment Three

Discuss, research, provide examples, and compare in detail the following:
Organization strategy, vision, mission, values, objectives.
Tools that are used in designing organization’ strategy as well as the business unit ones.
How HR aligns department objectives.
How individual objectives are linked to overall strategy – Explain the causality concept
what tools are used to measure strategic human resources management?
Conduct interviews of challenges faced by companies with regards to the alignment between business strategy and employees’ deliverables.
Does alignment drive profit? – Explain in detail.
Explain the strategic human resources formulation process during the year. Provide two examples at least form companies (UAE-based companies are preferable). Obtain as many details as possible.
Make sure that all of your information comes from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources, and interviews.
Use academic articles (2012 and above).
The abstract page should be a coherent summary of the whole report. It should provide the reader with a clear understanding of the report without having to look at any other part of the report.
The report should include:
Body of the paper (Show substantive knowledge relevant to the paper topic, literature, theories, and research relevant to the paper topic)