Sociology Research Paper on Race Inequality and Stratification

the research paper should analyze the relationship between class and race inequality and stratification in the U.S. Choose one specific area to focus your research on: housing segregation, food, or education. Then describe how class and race intersect to create and maintain inequality in your chosen area (housing segregation, food, or education). You must consider the role of income inequality, wealth inequality, power, status, access to resources, racial inequality, and the intersectionality of multiple factors throughout the paper.

After choosing your topic, do outside research to find out what has been researched and written about your chosen area. Then narrow down even more. For example, if you chose housing segregation, you might end up studying and writing about “ghettos and gated communities.” If you chose food, you might end up writing about or “access to healthy food in low-income areas.” Or, for education, you might look at “comparative levels of higher education between blacks and whites” among many other options.