Sociology Report Assignment on Conduct fieldwork online on Corona

The goal of this exercise is to practice descriptions of situations and notes emerging from participant observation (p.o.). P.O. is one of the main methods to analyze social movements.
Assignment: conduct fieldwork online on Corona
• Which forms of collective actions/ protests/ social movements emerge in reaction to the
Corona epidemic?
• Neighborhood networks
• Anti-Europe sentiments
• Defiance on state-imposed measures
• How do the Corona epidemics influence existing social movements?
• New tactics: online protests
• Change of arguments/strengthening of arguments
• Adding new aspects to cause
• Description of field site
• Where?/ When? / Who?/ How many people?/ Why?
• Description of participants
• Which “affiliated” or sympathizing groups could you find?
• Which slogans were used?
• Which colors/symbols/banners were used?
• What questions could we discuss based on what you have seen?

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Discipline: Social Movement