Sociological research paper

Writing Assignment

For this assignment, first formulate a sociological question related to (i) Social Identity, (ii) Deviance, or (iii) Social Inequality. It is advised that you formulate your question based on a specific social group. Ask yourself: ‘What social group do I wish to research and write about?’ For example, you could focus on white-collar criminals, women in the tech industry or undocumented immigrants. Second, after reviewing several sociological studies related to your research topic, formulate a thesis (i.e., a statement that is put forward as an argument to be supported or proved) that provides a clear sociological explanation for your research question. Your thesis must be a sociological thesis: It must explain identity, deviance, or inequality in terms of social factors and causes (as opposed to psychological factors, e.g., ‘personality traits’ or biological factors, e.g., ‘genetic traits’). Lastly, in the body of your paper, provide sufficient evidence — in the form of collected research findings — to support your argument and defend your thesis.

  1. The first page must include your research question and thesis statement (see page 2).

2.Papers must incorporate findings from at least five outside sources. Permissible scholastic sources include sociological peer-reviewed journal articles (see page 2 for a list of recommended sociology journals) and academic press chapters/books.

  1. Papers must conform to the following format specifications:

ASA citation style (see ‘ASA Style Guide’ on SOC 1 CCLE Moodle website)

Times 12-point font
Double spaced
Standard margins

Numbered pages

5 pages in length