Social Work and Human Services Assignment on Values and believes

1) a) What values and beliefs around sexual orientation and/or gender identity were you exposed to growing up? b) What were the sources of those values and beliefs? c) What values and beliefs around sexual orientation and gender identity do you have now? d) If they’re different from those of your childhood, what influenced that change?

2) Which of the NASW Code of Ethics’ six core values do you believe this course primarily addresses? (Pick only one, whichever one you believe is primary.) What is it about that core value that makes you think so?

3) You have learned that the stressors associated with identifying as LGBTQ (e.g., hiding, coming out, family reactions, prejudice and discrimination, etc.) can increase an LGBTQ individual’s risk of internal (self-inflicted) and external (other-inflicted) harm and danger. What are some psychological/behavioral issues that LGBTQ community face due to stressors associated with identifying as LGBTQ.

The necessary clarification from the customer:
“I believe in free will, although coming from the Caribbean and having family with strict believes on sexual orientation. throughout my experience and studies I have formed and shaped my believes on my own experience not that of my culture or families believes. I believe in equality and justice for all. I grew up similar to many individuals experience that homosexual is bad and those who are homosexual will go to hell. Growing homosexuality was a taboo in my community.