Social Work and Human Services Assignment on The new drugs affecting our youth

B540 Assignment: Haines Research Essay
Corresponding ELO(s): 400-SMC-930.10
The purpose of this assignment is to have students focus on a problem or issue, make a logical
argument, and assert a position. During your research, you will not simply describe a topic, but
critically give thoughts and opinions about it.
All learners will clearly state the paper’s thesis—the main idea put forth while drawing on ideas
and theories from others in the field who have written about the topic. Since command
decisions demand timely and accurate information, senior staff leaders must be able to locate,
extract, and provide the needed information quickly and accurately. The purpose of the Haines
paper revolves around this intent while also adding new and fresh perspectives to existing
information by collecting, analyzing, and conducting research on an approved topic culminating
in the construction of an argumentative research paper. Haines’s paper will show students how
to use valuable tools and research methods that will help them in any position within the
Department of Defense.
Point of Reflection for the assignment:
The Haines paper is an argumentative paper. What does that mean? Must be debatable and
must supply other perspectives that are opposite of your opinion. An argumentative research
the paper consists of an introduction in which the writer clearly introduces the topic and informs
the audience exactly which stance the writer intends to take; this stance is often identified as the
thesis statement.
You will be required to have a tentative Thesis and an outline submitted for approval by
your instructor. Your thesis must be clearly stated, focused, and included in your paper as the
last sentence of your introduction paragraph and in your conclusion paragraph. A sample outline
in provided in your references section of BB. The instructor will provide a list of suggested
topics. American Psychological Association (APA) is the standard format for the entire paper
(Purdue O.W.L.)
Assignment Instructions:
Three to five-page argumentative research essay (not including the title page, reference page, or
any appendices used). Students will not have pictures, diagrams, charts, or sketches on the
paper. They may be attached as appendices. All papers will have a minimum of four-level one
heading with the conclusion paragraph counting as a level one heading. All students will
complete and turn in a release form and a quote percentage worksheet that is provided in the