Smoking Awareness Campaign in the UAE

  • Assessment Goal

    For this assignment, supposed that the campaign is real and happened.  Please use your knowledge from starting till the end of the campaign by following the below instructions.

    Smoking Awareness Campaign in the UAE


    • Select an organization and write a public relations plan/campaign proposal that applies the public relations process in planning.
      1. We chose to do smoking awareness campaign in the UAE.
      2. Please note that we are 2 members (Talib and Hind) in this campaign.
      3. Each member should start their project with producing their work plan. Which include tasks, date to be done, the role of each member of the group. Please distribute the tasks equally to 2 members and mention their roles and what tasks they have to be done and when.
    • Following are the sections required for the campaign:
      1. Cover page with title of the project and the names of the group in addition to other information.
      2. Content of the project (Smoking awareness campaign)
      3. Your reflection and your role in producing the plan in addition to problems/difficulties and how they were solved.
      4. Introduction
      5. Situation analysis (provide chart which shows data and numbers of smoking)
      6. Objectives (add pictures)
      7. Target Audience (add pictures of smokers and emotional)
      8. Strategy
      9. Tactics
      10. Timeline (table of milestone of each task)
      11. Risk register (table)
      12. Budget
      13. Evaluation plan
    1. Each student must write own report/reflection (500 words) on the project. Please Write 2 reports (each 500 words) for each member, please note that report must describe the member role in campaign. (use your knowledge) it must be Hind report and Talib report.
    • Talib report about: what strategy and tactics did he use in the campaign for example SWAT analysis and SMART analysis. Also, he used tactics which is marathon running for smoking campaign awareness.
    • Hind report about: what risk register (table) and evaluation did she use in the campaign awareness. Make table for risk register which show high and less of risk level. After that you have to write the questionnaire for the evaluation survey. Please mention that we used an App (application) which is easy for the audience to evaluate the campaign.

    References and Bibliography

    1. Make sure you proofread your work. Provide references using APA style correctly.
    2. Watch the copyright and copying information. Make credit to people you may use their own information.
    3. Make a bibliography at the end of your project applying APA Style.