Short Questions on Pinto Fires Boeing Daniel Kahneman.

Answer the following questions, using ONLY the articles mentioned in each question and or are attached. Try to keep each answer short —————–//

1. Read the attached article “Pinto Fires and Personal Ethics” and answer the following question:
1a. what do we know about Gioia’s personal sense of purpose and values at the time he was in business school – pg. 379? (1 sentence)
1b. what was the nature of Ford’s business environment when Gioia joined in the early’s 1970 – pg. 380? (1 sentence)
1C. According to Gioia, what reasons contributed to the non-adoption of a modification to the Pinto’s gas tank – Pg. 381? (1 sentence)
1d. In his role as Recall coordinator, what cues did Gioia rely upon to label a case a problem that required further action – Pg. 381-82? (1 sentence)
1e. How did the oil crisis impact the evaluation of a pinto recall – Pg. 382? (1 sentence)
1f. What led Gioia to recommend a preliminary review of the Pinto – Pg. 382? (1 sentence)
1g. What was the impact of the release of the crash test data – Pg. 382? (1 sentence)
1h. What happened to the Pinto – Pg. 383? (1 sentence)
1i. what are scripts, and what are their advantages – Pg. 385-86? (1-2 sentences)
1j. What are the disadvantages – Pg. 386 (1 sentence)
1k. What happened to Gioia’s scripts when he saw the burnt card in the yard – Pg. 387? (1-2 sentences)
1l. what happened between the time Gioia was in school and when he was Recall Coordinator that explains his action – Pg. 387? (1 sentence)
1m. Are scripts adapted to the normal case of the abnormal case – Pg. 388? (1 sentence)
1n. What solutions to the problem encountered by Gioia does he suggest – Pgs. 388 (1 sentence)

2. Read the attached article regarding “Case Against Boeing” and answer the following question:
2a. What did you find strikingly similar between Pinto Fires and the Boeing Case? (1 sentence)
2b. What did you find relevantly different in the lesson of the two stories? (1 sentence)
2c. What questions do you have about the Boeing case? (1 sentence)

3. Read the following article from Daniel Kahneman on Bias. ( , and answer the following three questions:
3a. Describe Aristotle’s theory of habituation of virtue using the thinking fast and slow metaphor (1-2 sentence) – Clue: Kahneman says “it’s the interaction between system 1 and system 2 that in effect ….
3b. How did engaging with Kahneman’s remark lead you to rethink anything of relevance to your statement of purpose? (1 sentence)
3c. how can you protect yourself from reacting with bias when systematic reason is in order? (1 sentence)

4. Read the following article from BABSON: (, and answer the following three questions:
4a. what does the author mean by normalization of value conflicts? (1 sentence)
4b. what is the value of a psychological parachute? Have you ever relied on something like this for courage? (1 sentence)
4c. What were Bernabe’s parachutes? (1 sentence)