Sample Research Paper on Is Social Media Sabotaging Real Communication

In todays world change is a constant factor. Communication fundamentals are,
therefore, very vital than ever. It has been noted that the easier the mode of
communication used, the less the real the communication is transmitted, (Phoon, 7-8).
Technology is really declining the skills of communication therefore, it is necessary to
understand what message is portrayed by the words used.

Interaction through social media has dominated many conversations. One is
more likely to speak to his or her friends by developed electronic devices rather than
using the face to face mode of conversing. At the workplace, many issues are now being
addressed through the use of digital media.

People are becoming uncomfortable and even unfamiliar with regular
interaction with persons. These habits being developed create challenges especially
when one is working with other people. They really affect careers, relationships,
accountability, and even teamwork.

Face to face type of communication gives one a message even before the word is this mode of communication, one will not only hear what you actually saying but
he or she will be able to perceive a huge portion of what your emotions, tone of voice,
body language, and voice inflection mean.

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Proper communication is vital in solving unavoidable problems that may occur
both in our professional as well as private lives. It needs a lot of effort together to
practice to be a good communicator.

In an article, I read on a Forbes magazine, a story is told of Sharon and her
daughter who attempted suicide. The two had communicated during the day through
text messages. According to Sharon, her daughter was sending positive replies via the
texts. However, she attempted suicide later that night. This automatically shows that
Sharon's daughter was under depression but it couldn't be portrayed to her mother
since they were using text messages to communicate.

From the story, therefore, social media not able to offer communication that is
authentic because this is majorly based on nonverbal cues. Nonverbal language is not
well captured through social media. This is because it does not actually connect viewers
with the real feelings of the scenarios happening.

Social media may seem to make us more connected but it is actually making us
disconnected to the real facts. People need to be advised to use social media as a
method of benefiting technology rather than that of losing connections to the realities
of the world. Face to face communication is, therefore, more effective than interactions
on social medial. We, therefore, need to make more norms in order to make use of face
to face form of communication our priority, (Elhai, 74-80)In order to keep the
communication real, however, one should address their personal issues and clear all

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confusions whether through phone calls or communication skills to ensure the right
information is sent. Aids to this should be addressed.

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