Sample Engineering Paper on Metal Detector Wand

MD: Handheld metal wands, also known as identifiers, are intended for quick and proficient
body look examining for blades, weapons, and hidden metal articles to enhance maximum
In the current world, we are living, crime, and criminal activities continue to increase at a very
high rate. As a result, the need for a handheld security wands continues to grow. In this article,
you will be able to pick out the best unit for the security needs of your home or organization.
The article reviews the specific features and the capabilities that are available in the current hand
scanning metal detectors. After that, the conclusion part of this article will conclude the most
popular security wands.
10. Pyle PMD38

This handheld metal detector security wand increases security when used. Its uses are anywhere
indoor and also outdoor, schools, cafeteria, sports events, or anywhere a metal can be a threat.
It highlights high affectability, which can identify even little concealed metal articles. It
identifies covered weapons, blades, and other metal items in things. Flexible affectability permit
pin identification at .4" and a 20mm steel ball at 2.7" profundity.
 Comfortable handle.
 Two kinds of alerts sound or vibration.
 High sensitivity rate.
 Battery operated wand.
9. BRELLAA Portable High Sensitivity Metal Detector
The Brelaa portable metal detector wand offers high metal sensitivity for security inspection. The
updated form is littler in size and better in quality. You can use this handheld security scanner
anyplace – indoor or open-air occasions, schools, cafeterias for sanitation, sports occasions, or
anyplace you need reliable metal discovery.
Battery operated wand.
It has a comfortable handle.
Two kinds of alerts.
High sensitivity.
Light in weight.
8. UNIRII Hand Held Metal Detector Wand

The UNIRII handheld metal detector wand and security scanner have a high sensitivity to even
the small hidden metal objects. It has an LED light alert produced after the metal is detected. It is
two modes of metal detector sound or vibration alert. It is effortless to use without the need to
adjust it. It has a wide range of application areas since it is the best for securing indoor or
outdoor events as long as you need a metal detector.
 High sensitivity detection.
 Portable metal detector.
 Wide range of applications.
 Two modes of alerts.
7. ZKTeco Metal Detector Wand.

This portable handheld metal detector is capable and with a compact size. It comes with a
rechargeable battery and charger. It offers Extra-long working hours with a single charge (Up to

40 working hours). It is sound, and vibration alerts can be adjusted. It applies in all areas
requiring metal detection security.
 It is portable.
 Controllable sound and vibration
 High sensitivity
 Low battery voltage.
6. OMMO Metal Detector Pinpointer.

OMMO metal finder is lightweight, minimal, and convenient for discovering coins, relics,
reserves, adornments, and even gold chunks ashore and submerged. Completely waterproof 360-
degree pinpointer metal indicator. It's the ideal device for apprentices, propelled specialists, and
experts from youth to prepared veterans of metal locations. It made waterproof to prevent it from
damages, which can be caused by water. Its alert modes are vibration mode(silent), caution
mode, vibration& caution mode change, guarantee you won't miss any ready when in any
condition, recognize inside, outside, on the sand, yard, submerged, or in soil find coin, silver,
adornments, and gold. Worked in drove pointer, accommodation to work around evening time.
 One-touch operation.
 They waterproofed metal detector wand.
 Three alert modes.
5. DR.ÖTEK IP68 Waterproof Metal Detector Pinpointer.

This metal detector wand is perfect because it finds Buried Treasure Up to 32 Feet Underwater, 4
LED Range Indicators & Vibration, It is a top Metal Detector Accessory for Adults and even the
Kids can use it.
This metal detector wand is a 360-degree pinpointer, and it can definitely find the objective
quickly and precisely and discover metal screws, thumbtacks, and even lost adornments around
your home. Stay away from heaps of pointless burrowing in the sand or anything.
 No disturbing speakers.
 One button press to use.
 Easy to use.
 Stylishly made for security.
4. JMDHKK Metal Detector pinpointer

The JMDHKK metal detector pinpointer is a highly sensitive metal detector wand that can detect
various types of metals such as coin, gold, silver, etc. It provides LED lighting for alert and
warning. It is a 360 degrees pinpointer meaning that it can detect all round.
It is a small size metal detector wand with a holster that makes it ultra-portable and convenient.

 Waterproof metal detector wand.
 Has a power-saving make.
 Very small in size.
 All-round detection.
 High sensitivity.
3. RM RICOMAX Metal Detector Pinpointer

The RM RICOMAX Metal Detector Pinpointer is a long promising metal detector wand. In its
make, there are three affectability levels with various electric lamps (3 LED lights), proportion
sound and vibrate caution to the distinctive separation between the sensor and articles. The closer
they are, the stronger it sounds, and the green LED lights to streak in a steady progression.
The length and weight of the metal locator pinpointer are just 10.8 inches and 5.9 ounces
separately. Perfect handheld size contains various modes that are expertly planned as little as
could be expected under the circumstances. You can sink the test into the water and distinguish
whether there is metal in it. The pinpointer some portion of the finder is IP66 waterproof
 Compact and lightweight
 Very portable
 Extremely accurate detections.
 Simple one-button easy to use
2. RM RICOMAX Metal Detector Pinpointer


This is a very versatile pinpointer metal identifier made to suit your needs and specifications. If
you are searching for a handheld metal identifier, what attributes would you say you are
concerned about? Affectability? Helpful? Conveyability? Or, on the other hand, gorgeous? I
would let you know, RM Ricomax Pinpointer, is actually what you need!
 It is very accurate in its detection.
 High sensitivity
 Simple one-button operation
 Light in weight
1. SUNPOWER Metal Detector Pinpointer IP68
Metal Detector Pinpointer requires just single-button activity from startup to identification. Its
general capacities and present-day effortlessness can finish every one of your assignments. After
our severe testing, our Metal Detector Pinpointer can be utilized anyplace. The Metal Detector
Pinpointer can assist you with accomplishing little scope exact situating that huge metal
indicators can't do. Maintain a strategic distance from bunches of superfluous burrowing.
 Deep detection of underground metals.
 One button operation
 Lightweight and portable
 All-purpose design.
 Vibration mode alert
After reviewing the above metal detector wands, it is evident that all of them works about the
same. Apart from that, it is also evident that there are other types of metal detector wands that
give an added advantage from their makes. When considering which metal detector to include in
your cart, it is advisable that you analyze your security needs in order to pick a metal detector
wand that will suit your preferences better.