Criminal Justice Assignment on Module #3 Discussion Board #6

Module #3 Discussion Board #6

You must cite all information (both the text and outside sources) in all responses. Failure to do so will result in a substantial deduction to your grade. Please note that when citing outside work the sources should be empirical. This means that .com web-sites (for example) are not empirical; and in fact, they are likely based on fiction.

Think of it this way: My name is April Terry and I know NOTHING about hunting regulations. However, I am going to create a site that I’ll call Now, an innocent person does a Google (or similar) search for “hunting regulations” and they stumble upon my amazing web-site. They look around, “learn” some great information and maybe even cite it within their “research-based” paper on hunting regulations for their class paper. However, what the student doesn’t know is that I know nothing about what I wrote so there is no credibility to my work…now the poor student will submit a terrible paper not based on fact but based on the opinion of a random person with no expertise on the topic. Don’t fall victim to this people! Use the library or

To earn full credit, make sure to answer all of the questions below AND include at least one outside empirical source and your textbook. An empirical source means you have located a peer-reviewed, published book or journal article. Don’t forget to cite (in-text and at the end) using APA style.

Read: Section 9-11

Section IX Crimes by the Corporate System

Section X Environmental Crime

Section XI Explaining White-Collar Crime

DB #5 Question:

Watch Doug Rokke’s presentation (also included in the PowerPoint) about depleted uranium on Youtube: 

How can use of depleted uranium be characterized as white-collar crime? Is its use an environmental crime?