Sample Business Law Paper on Relevance of International Rules and Standards to Subsidiaries of MNE

The largest and probably the oldest Australian airlines in the world is Qantas. It was
founded in Winton, Queensland as Queensland and northern territory aerial services limited. The
fore founders were Paul Mc Ginness and Hudson Fysh. The airline initially only operated air
mail services only. These services were subsidized by Australia government connecting railheads
in western Queensland. Qantas, being Australia’s biggest airline, is both domestic and
international. This means that, it serves clients in Australia and outside Australia. It is an
extremely established airline and prides itself on its safety and maintenance as well as reliability
and customer service (Goh, 2001).
A strong commitment exercised by New Zealand towards economic freedom has resulted
to a policy framework that encourages impressive economic reliance. The economy is turned
around from recession by the openness to worldwide trade as well as an investment, which are
institutionalized firmly. This country’s entrepreneurial environment is the most competitive and
efficient among the economies graded in the index. For instance, when starting a company,
exceedingly few legal formalities are needed as well as other regulatory frameworks. There is no
minimum capital is required for commencing of the company. It takes only one day to open the
business. Flexibility in labor regulations facilitates a vibrant labor market, as well as, raised
overall productivity.
Jet connect is located in Auckland New Zealand. It is a branch of Qantas airline. Founded
in July, 2002, it commenced its operations in Oct, 2002. It operates between Australia and New
Zealand, under the Qantas brand (Gunn, 1988).

Strategy is one of the international rules in business. Many multinational companies are located
in Australia. Strategy is the scope and direction of a firm over a long time. This benefits the firm
by configuring resources through a challenging environment. A variety of companies uses
different approaches and entry modes to successfully establish, their business. The entry mode
depends on the organizations objectives. These objectives are influenced by the need to achieve
certain requirements so as to establish further business opportunities (Tompkins,2010).
Market environment is another international standard. The environment can be a dividend
in to, micro and macro environment and the Meso – level (Schaffer, 2009). Macro environmental
level means the national level micro environmental level means industrial while Meso-level
stands for sector level, for instance, dairy, or metal industry.
It is the responsibility of clients to comply to the requirements of the country to which
they travel to. For instance, all travel documents should be in order. The details, i.e.| Destination
and accommodation arrangements should be provided. In addition, some countries may require a
customer to submit finger prints and passport photographs before gaining access to that country.
This is an international rule by Qantas airline and its subsidiaries.
Tax fees as well as, carrier charges that are separately indicated in the ticket may not be
given by the government, but they may be charged by the airport operator. The tax details can be
provided by the c clients travel consultant. Tickets that are issued in the United States, the
government charges taxes. These tickets do not include any tax.
Multinational enterprise (MNE) is among the most studied topics in strategic
management. Research on multinationals and performance has produced inconsistent findings.

However with a few exceptions, the study addressed the geographic scope concept, as a one-
dimensional construct. It did not account for host countries environmental diversity. The main
aim of this research is to illustrate which firms have the capabilities to establish



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